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Our History

Established in 1891, what was originally called Edmond Flour Mill, was Oklahoma’s first grain elevator and mill.

In 1900 the name was changed to Edmond Grain Company and by 1921 the firm went out of business. Local farmers were still in need of a way to market their wheat, corn and grains, so in 1922 they formed a corporation and reopened as the Farmers Grain.

E.H. Suenram was hired as the manager in 1924 and through the years bought out the farmers that owned shares until it was fully owned by the Suenram family.

Farmers Grain made the handling of products such as grain, flour, wheat, coal and poultry possible for retail and wholesale. They also manufactured corn, oats and several dairy feeds for hogs, cattle, horses and poultry.

On August 12, 1950 the 59 year old grain elevator and two adjoining warehouses were completely destroyed by a fire. By 1952 a new grain elevator and warehouses were reconstructed.

As the years continued on, the small town grew from a population of 4,000 to 55,000 turning Edmond from a farming community into an urban community. Along with the changing times, Farmers Grain took steps to meet the needs of the growing community. Around 1964 they began transitioning away from the wholesale purchasing and selling of grains to expanding their retail towards a garden center and plant business. While they still continued to buy from local farmers, they added a feed supply store, plant nursery and greenhouse. They carried everything from potted plants, shrubs and trees, to health aid for horses, fertilizers, seeds, tools and packaged feed for livestock, poultry and domestic pets!

Whenever someone was looking for something a little different, the Farmers Grain never disappointed!

Preserving a piece of Edmond’s history is a driving force behind our restaurant’s concept and by continuing to keep it family owned adds even more durability to its already strong foundation. The philosophy of The Farmers Grain then is not any different than what is strived for now.

Charles Suenram was quoted saying “We strive for the best customer service possible. We don’t just sell our products, we also sell service and value”.

The spirit of The Farmers Grain is and always will be kept alive through the best hospitality, quality and value.

The Team